travelling on two passports

Travelling on two passports


Are you planning on travelling on two passports?

If you are fortunate enough to be a dual citizen, travelling with two different passports can have its distinct advantages, especially in regards to visas.

Certain countries will allow people of some nationalities to enter without needing to obtain a visa ahead of time, and in some cases will allow for an extended period of entry.

For a quick check of whether you will need a visa, based on your passport and country that you will be travelling to, click here.

 travelling on two passports


Mixing and matching

You can also mix and match as you travel. For example, you might wish to present your passport of the country in which you permanently reside on your way out or in to that country, then use your other passport for another portion of your trip, such as a UK passport, whilst you are travelling throughout Europe.

This can really come in handy for obtaining work permits and visas such as a working holidaymaker visa, as not all countries are in partnership with each other, in this regard.

When in doubt, always check with your travel agent. Click here to speak with one of our travel specialists, who will be happy to assist.


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