the best of borneo kota kinabalu

The Best of Borneo

Why not consider Kota Kinabalu for your next holiday destination? 

Sepilok Orangutan Rehabilitation Centre
Borneo to be Wild

When you think of the island of Borneo, what pictures come to your mind? Lush Rainforests supporting rich ecosystems, Endangered orangutans dwelling in their natural habitat, white sandy beaches stretching for as far as the eye can see, and one of the tallest mountains in all of Southeast Asia.

However, did you know that as large of a land-mass that Borneo is, all of these places are located in one place, within not too far of a distance from each other?

This place I refer to is called Kota Kinabalu, and it is actually located in the country of Malaysia, so it is easily reachable from Australia, via the hub city of Kuala Lumpur, where it is recommended to enjoy a stopover on either end of your trip.


For the Adventure Lovers

For the adventure lovers, you can climb Mount Kinabalu, traversing to its summit in just two days, which can easily be done, even for an inexperienced trekker.

But don’t let the relative ease of the journey trick you, its summit is a towering 4095m (13,435 feet) high, which stands as one of the tallest mountains in South-east Asia.

Mount Kinabalu sunrise










Relax and Unwind

Once you have come back done from your time on the summit, you will find that Kota Kinabalu has plenty of places to relax and unwind, including the local bars and nightclubs with many talented musicians and bands, plying their wares.

For lunch or dinner, are plenty of restaurants, showcasing the best of both Malaysian and Southeast Asian cuisine, as well as many western options as well.

Many of the resorts in Kota Kinabalu feature long stretches of private beaches which are inaccessible to the general public, and thus provide the private beach paradise getaway that many are looking for.

Shangri-La have two different properties, one of which takes care of orphaned orangutans right on site, in case you don’t have time to make it out to the Sepilok rehabilitation centre.

If you choose to stay one of the many 4 or 5 star hotels closer to Kota Kinabalu, instead of in a resort, the Tanjung Aru Beach is not far away, and has many food stalls, as well as a few bars.

shangri la kota kinabalu













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